House rules

Thank you for taking the time to read our House Rules. Whilst we know it won’t be the most exciting part of Clic, it is important.

Clic is an online community where we want people to feel safe and comfortable, so having these guidelines helps us to ensure that this is a safe space for all users. It’s important that we all follow these rules and look out for others too. If you see something that goes against the house rules, please flag it so we can check it. These rules apply to both our chat rooms and our forums (coming soon).

As a Clic user, I agree to:

  • Look out for each other’s wellbeing. Clic is a supportive community and safe space, so please be kind and respect other users’ posts. If you see content you’re concerned about, please use the ‘flag’ button to let our moderators know
  • Treat other Clic users with respect. Be polite and kind – treat others how you would like to be treated yourself
  • Flag anything you see that’s worrying so that our moderators can check it

As a Clic user, I agree not to:

  • Give advice on topics like medication or recovery. Everyone is different in finding the right solution which works for them
  • Post anything which others could find upsetting e.g details of abuse, violence, self-harm or suicide
  • Use hateful language, harass other users or post anything hateful, racist, homophobic, sexist or transphobic
  • Post anything of a sexual nature
  • Share any personal information e.g mobile numbers, social media profiles, bank details
  • Promote any commercial services

To ensure the safety and comfort of everyone using Clic, we have moderators checking chat and forums 24/7.

Our Clic moderators agree to:

  • Review flagged content 24/7
  • Review everything that gets flagged to us and do what we can to help
  • Remove anything which breaks the house rules, we may give you feedback on your posts if we deem them inappropriate via email. If your posts continue to go against the House Rules, you may be banned from using Clic  
  • Respect your privacy. We will never share anything you have told us unless we believe you or someone else is at serious risk of harm
  • Review and respond to technical issues as soon as we can

Our Clic moderators agree not to:

  • Pass on your details to anyone else, unless we believe you are in serious harm and need emergency services in which case we would need details to help them locate you
  • This is your space; we will get involved from time to time to share information, support and activities with our members

Further Information

Removing content

As a user of Clic, we welcome and encourage you to voice your opinion, and share your experiences with us. However, in order to ensure that this is a safe and supportive platform for all users we ask that you are mindful of the content you publish. If content is ‘flagged’ by users as inappropriate, we will remove posts.

We don’t like to have to remove content from our Clic community, however if you do not stick to our House Rules we will take the following actions:

  • We may need to delete posts. We will contact you via email with our reasons for doing so, and refer you to the relevant section of our House Rules
  • We may ban you from using our page, especially if you are seen to be breaking the guidelines repeatedly.

Reporting abuse

If you have been offended by another user’s post and you believe it to be against the House Rules please flag it to us. Our moderators will check the post and remove it if we deem it inappropriate.

We have a zero-tolerance policy to any form of bullying, harassment of victimisation on our page, be this to other users or to Mental Health UK moderators. Any negative comments directed at another person and ‘flagged’ will be removed. We appreciate that difficult topics may arise, and there will be a variety of opinions and experiences on these topics – therefore we ask that if you do not agree with another users comment that you challenge the opinion and not the person. If you feel that another user is using this page as a way to bully, intimidate or makes you feel uncomfortable, please do not hesitate to flag it to us and our moderators will look into the issue and take the appropriate actions.

Posting on Clic

We hope you will write openly about your experiences. However we ask you to be mindful when discussing sensitive subjects. Any content that has been flagged as inappropriate we will remove. Here are some tips to help:

  • When discussing thoughts of self-harm or suicide: avoid explicit descriptions, details of methods and details of suicide notes, these could be seen as a tip for someone experiencing suicidal thoughts. Please don’t post any images relating to self-injury, these could be upsetting for other users
  • When discussing thoughts and feelings about food, eating and drinking: avoid numbers of calories, measurements, images of weight loss or weight gain, details of methods
  • When discussing illegal drugs or alcohol: try to avoid specifics about quantities or illegal drug use

If you would like to report any content on our page, please flag it to us and our moderators will look into your concerns.

If you feel unsafe, consider contacting your GP, mental health team or a support line like Samaritans (call 116 123 or email: [email protected]), or the emergency services. We also have useful contacts for further help and information in our Contacts and Information pages.

Taking care of yourself

Here are some tips for taking care of our own mental health when using Clic:

  • Be kind to yourself and others.
  • If you feel overwhelmed in a conversation don’t feel pressured to respond immediately. You can always come back to a conversation. You can also always leave a conversation
  • Think before you post. Are you comfortable sharing this information? You can always delete your own posts if you want to

Clic is a brilliant place to reach out to people to talk about how you’re feeling. It can be very helpful to talk about our problems and get things off our chest in a safe environment. However, it’s not a substitute for urgent or medical help. If you need urgent help, please contact the emergency services.

If you feel unsafe, consider contacting your GP, mental health team or a support line like Samaritans (call 116 123 or email: [email protected]), or the emergency services. We also have useful contacts for further help and information in our Contacts and Information pages.