Calling all Clic users in Somerset!

Open Mental Health

Did you know there’s a version of Clic available specifically for users in Somerset?

The site can be used in the same way as the main Clic site, but there are some special features available for those in the Somerset area.

Sign up to Open Mental Health Somerset to join in our local forums and discuss the topics that matter to you. You’ll also find information and support resources to help you manage your mental health and wellbeing. You’ll still have access to the main Clic site as normal, but you’ll also have the opportunity to view support services in your local area.

What can I expect to see on Open Mental Health Somerset?

  • Forums for groups in your local area
  • Information on how peer support groups can help you manage your mental health
  • Help on how to find and join a peer support group in your area
  • Support with transport and how to get around Somerset

What is Open Mental Health?

Open Mental Health is an alliance of local voluntary organisations and the NHS, working in partnership to ensure that residents of Somerset get the support they need for their mental health, when they need it. Lots of things can impact our mental health, so Open Mental Health has come together to provide 24/7 support to adults in Somerset. Whatever the worry – anxiety, debt, employment, housing, low mood, addiction – they’re here to help.

If you’d like to become a member of Open Mental Health Somerset, you’ll still be a member of Clic UK, so you can switch between the communities quickly and easily!

Sign up to Open Mental Health Somerset here. We look forward to welcoming you!