Our top self-care and self-love tips this Valentines Day

The terms self-love and self-care come up often in the mental wellbeing space. We know they are values on which to build a healthy lifestyle, but what do they really mean?

We asked our colleagues and Clic members what they do to recognise their worth and make themselves feel good.

“Jump the queue” 

“As a busy working mum, I have a never-ending list of stuff that needs to get done before I can ‘relax’. But it is ok to jump the queue and do something for me first – take a warm bath with a book, go for a walk in the woods or phone a friend.” -Mel, Fundraising team 

“Always wear sun cream” 

“I put sun cream on my face every morning because it smells like holidays – reminding me of happy and relaxed times – and of course it protects my skin, so I know I am actively doing something that is good for my body too.” -Flora, Clic member

“Search for some food for thought”

“Cooking is one of my favourite pastimes, but during lockdown especially it’s been a great way to fill the void of evening and weekend plans while taking a screen break. For me, there’s nothing more stimulating than conquering a new recipe you’ve never used before. And unlike a new language or skill, you can eat food!” -Anant, Communications & Marketing team

“Let go of comparing your life to others”

“When I stopped comparing myself to others, whether that’s work, relationships or appearance, it allowed me to live my life on my terms, allowing me to pursue my vision of happiness.” -Carlton, Clic member

“Taking control of a wandering mind”

“Taking control of a wandering mind is the best medicine. It takes a lot of practice and perseverance to obtain the skill but it really does work. So when my mind starts to go into worry mode and makes me feel bad I stop, think and bring myself back to the present moment. It is a very powerful skill – and mindfulness and yoga have helped me to learn and understand this skill.” -Alyson, Clic member

“Music makes my world go ‘round!”

“My self-care tip that works for any occasion is listening to my favourite songs or albums. It gives me the ability to escape to different worlds and look at the world from a different perspective. It helps me also tap into good memories and is a simple joy I cherish when I need a pick me up.” -Lauren, Programmes team

“Grant yourself a gift”

“Perhaps my first true love was really my first counsellor. Not in a romantic sense of course, but in the sense that she enabled me to generate love and appreciation for myself, my friends and my family that I’d never felt before. She was also the catalyst for me granting myself the gift of future sessions with many other therapists.” –Helen, Clic member

“Jazz up each day”

“I’ve been making myself feel good by putting on a different pair of earrings every day (usually the loudest pair), even if it’s only for my eyes. It’s so simple but it makes me feel rejuvenated and brings me out of the lockdown slump. You can do it with anything – jumpers, masks, hairstyles, even with what you have for breakfast!” –Sophi, Clic member

“Knitting! Always calms my mind”

“Knitting is my perfect wellness activity, especially during the colder months. There is something very calming about the rhythm, the repetition – and at the end of it you get a lovely new warm hat or socks. I just pick up my knitting needles and yarn when I’m feeling bored, unmotivated or unsure of what to do with myself in lockdown.” -Johnston, Fundraising team

“Commit to getting outside!”

Walking has become a godsend for a lot of people, including these two Clic members:

 “I like to choose a time a time in the day to get outside and stick to it. Whether it’s a run, walk or just standing on the doorstep for a short while, it’s nice to just get out and get some fresh air after being inside all day.” -Toc, Clic member

“I love going for a walk, even if it’s just for a few minutes on my lunch break. I spend a lot of my day in front of a screen so I really value this time away to give my eyes a break. On days when I get outside I feel happier, more focused and less stressed.” -Charlotte T, Clic member

“Scrolling through my Life Feed”

“My friends and family are incredibly important to me, and in a time when I’m not seeing them as much as usual, it makes me feel good to look back on memories and reminisce about the amazing times I’ve had with them. I love to scroll through my photos and flip through my photobooks, reminding myself how lucky I am to have had some amazing experiences with such fabulous people.” –Beckie, Corporate Partnerships team

“Being a ‘yes’ person is overrated”

“This one is a work in progress, but learning to say ‘no’, ‘not yet’ or ‘yes if’. Yes if I can push it back to X date or yes if I can get X guidance. Or no because I simply don’t have capacity right now. Being a ‘yes’ person is overrated.” –Helen, Strategy and Partnerships team

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