Physical activity and mental health: Live Q&A

Physical activity and mental health

Mental health is just as important as physical health and they influence each other.

Doing things that help us to relax such as exercise, eating well and sleep are a normal part of taking care of ourselves – they can be calming, lift our mood and they contribute towards our mental health.

In a recent survey, 81% of people told us they felt that poor physical health could contribute to burnout.

For this Q&A, we’ll be exploring some of the ways you could improve your physical health and mental wellbeing, and we’re delighted to be joined by the following panellists:

  • Barry Lloyd is the Physical Activity Programme Manager at Rethink Mental Illness. He helps peer support groups, organisations, or individuals to increase physical activity opportunities in their local area for people severely affected by mental illness across England.
  • Emelye Dwyer is a functional fitness athlete and has competed at some of the highest levels in her sport. She has a background in professional dance, theatre and music, and uses her experience in these disciplines, along with the adversity she has faced in life, to help her communicate important topics of interest within sport, fitness, health, wellbeing, human and animal rights. As a qualified personal trainer, coach and kids coach, Emelye has a passion for helping people realise that with fitness, the only limitations they have are the ones they set themselves. Emelye is a firm believer that character, compassion, perseverance, effort, actions and humility are the most important qualities in life and business.
  • Scott Britton is a functional fitness athlete and founder of fundraising movement Battle Cancer and Move Forward. Both are large functional fitness events that undertake fundraising for cancer charities along with their own program of support for people post cancer treatment of 12 weeks free fitness classes and guided support post treatment. Scott works closely on campaigns with Movember and lead fitness professional days upskilling and delivering spot the signs and practical toolkits.

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