Introducing Clic: The Mental Health Forum that Supports Everyone with their Mental Health

Whether it is a question about your mental health, finding useful information, or if you are looking to share your own personal experiences, Clic is an all-in-one UK-wide online community built to support adults with their mental health. If you have or have had mental health problems, it can often be daunting to reach out in person to friends, family or even healthcare professionals. So, we built a safe online environment to help aid this where possible.

Stay Connected with Quick Chat

The Quick chat feature of Clic is our pride and joy. Best utilised as an outlet for any questions you may have about your mental health as well as for sharing tips and advice. Sometimes, it can be useful for you if you just want to chat about your day. Quick chat is the fastest way to reach out to other members and to begin having supportive online conversations.

Friendly Discussion Forums

Since our launch in 2020, we have seen a number of friendly discussion forums form, which cover a variety of different issues our users face. There is even a place where you can talk till your hearts content about pets! Alongside Pets Corner, there are several other staying well forums dedicated to the activities which keep us well. This can be useful when seeking advice around finances, physical health, employment, as well as a top tips forum for general tips on staying well. If you are keen to connect with others who have had similar mental health experiences, we also have several forums which focus around mental health conditions.

Safe and Supportive Mental Health Forum

It is paramount that we build our online community in a way that was not only useful, but that was also safe and supportive. We have taken measures to ensure safety such as cutting-edge security around your privacy as well as your data. We also moderate Clic 24 hours a day, each and every day. We adhere to strict house rules for users and moderators to truly enable people to feel safe online.

Taking care of yourself

As with any online community, it can have tough and challenging elements to it. Here are some tips for taking care of our own mental health when using Clic:

  • Be kind to yourself and others.
  • If you feel overwhelmed in a conversation, don’t feel pressured to respond immediately. You can always come back to a conversation. You can also always leave a conversation.
  • Think before you post. Are you comfortable sharing this information? You can always delete your own posts if you want to.

Clic is built for you, its users. Therefore, we are always looking at ways to improve the information and features we have. There is even a live Q&A feature on its way soon. If you have any ideas or suggestions on what we can do better, feel free to reach out at [email protected].