Clic Feature: How our mood tracker can help with your mental health

One of Clic’s features is a simple to use web app that tracks your mood with a straightforward colour system. This allows you to understand your moods and help you feel better faster. If you are more aware of your moods and what influences them, you may be able to better manage your lifestyle choices. To stay healthy, it can often help to manage both your mental and physical wellbeing on a regular basis.

Why is your mood something you should care about?

Your mood can affect so many of your everyday decisions. It can be a large obstacle at times to your go-to wellbeing process. For example, ever avoided going for a run because you felt sad? It could be because of your mood. Your mood not only influences your everyday choices, but it can also shape relationships. Being aware of what mood you are in and finding ways to improve it can be the beginning of managing your mental health and wellbeing.

During the tracking you may see patterns of your mental health state appear. This can help identify triggers that lead to your poor mood on certain days. You can use the relevant help on or on a Clic forum to help deal with the triggers in the most effective manner. Leading to more and more green days.

Mood Trackers aren’t just for you.

Although a mood tracker can be critical in self-diagnosis, it can also be immensely valuable to a health professional. They can help you to learn how to cope with changes in feelings and work with you to identify triggers. At times, it can also be useful to share these with your support bubble so they can understand what is working for you and when it is more likely you will need support.

Seeing a lot of red?

It’s normal to feel low sometimes, however if you’re seeing lots of red on your mood tracker and are concerned about your mental health, there is support available. Find the right support for you using these links.

You can also use the colours when talking to other friendly companions online on a Clic forum. If you are starting to see greener weeks, then you may be able to help others on the forums by sharing what has happened with you.

Try the mood tracker by signing up to our free online mental health community.